Saturday, January 31, 2009

Safety Concerns and tips....

Here are some things that the Safety Officers at Cavalier IDPA see at almost every match, fixing these things in yourself and in other shooters when you see it ( at an IDPA match or just casually shooting at the range) will a make safer and better scoring shooter out of you.

Shooting from behind cover- First and foremost do not crowd cover, your gun should not be sticking out beyond the actual cover itself. When starting a stage from cover stand an arms length away from it. When shooting and you need to transition to the opposite side, if you have not crowded cover you can just pull the gun straight back towards you a little and lean to the other side and push the gun back out towards a target. The whole time you can see the gun, you are in a position that is ready to shoot and you will get back on target much faster. This also keeps you from pointing your firearm at the sky or at your feet, both very bad places to point at an IDPA match! this technique will also improve your times.

Unload and show clear- After you have finished shooting , the "unload and show clear" command has been given and you have an empty gun please put it in your holster. Do not reach for the magazine s that have been dropped on the ground or your last round of ammunition. You firearm is still out and if you drop it or point it in an unsafe direction you can be sent home for the day with a "DQ" or disqualified. Unload and show clear.....holster! Now we are safe.

Anybody else want to chime in on this subject?


Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to get better at shooting IDPA

I have been shooting idpa for about tens years now and I am always trying to do better. One of the best ways to decrease your times has absolutely nothing to do with shooting at all! Entering shooting positions more efficiently will dramatically improve your times.

Entering shooting positions of cover or in the open- Over short distances keep both hands on the gun and keep the gun high, somewhere near eye level. As soon as you are getting ready to put your last foot down be in the process of finding your target and aligning your sights. Over longer distances you can really flat out run with one hand on the gun and the other arm pumping , really picking up the pace. As soon as you get close to your position start to slow down and get both hands on the gun and find your target.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Video of Jeep Stage from Cavalier 1/25/09

Video of one of our favorite shooters at Cavalier

Go Stacy Go!

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