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More Video from North Mountain USPSA....

Cavalier in June.......................

I based this stage on this AP News story about a store worker who's police officer son purchased him a .40!

This is the news report on which I based this stage!

Gunman Shot to Death During Home Invasion

A home invasion turns deadly after one of the robbers is shot by the homeowner.
It happened on Moss Landing Drive in Antioch around 1:00 a.m. Dennis Nicholson told detectives that he was confronted by 22 year old Elijah Minnard (pictured left) at the home.
Nicholson says Minnard had a shotgun, and 17 year old Jeremie Thomas (pictured right), had a pistol. Police say the men forced Nicholson inside, and Minnard held Nicholson and 25 year old Lincoya Stephens at gunpoint upstairs while Thomas searched the downstairs area of the home.

Police say Stephens grabbed the shotgun to try and disarm Minnard, but Stephens was hit in the leg by a shotgun blast. Police say Stephens and Nicholson still managed to get the gun away from Minnard. Officers say Stephens then pulled a pistol that was concealed in his waistband and shot and killed Minnard.

Thomas, hearing the gunfire, went to check on Minnard. Stephens opened fire on Thomas, and he fled the house.

At 2:15 a.m., police say Thomas, with gun in hand, jumped in front of a driver on Hamilton Church Road and yelled for her to stop. The driver accelerated as she and her four passengers ducked. Thomas was caught by officers a short time later.

Detectives say Thomas told them he and Minnard went to the home to commit a drug-related robbery. No drugs were found in the residence.

Stephens is hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his leg and has not yet been interviewed by detectives.

The investigation is continuing.

Thomas is charged at Juvenile Court with two counts of aggravated robbery, two counts of unlawful weapon possession, attempted criminal homicide, four counts of aggravated assault, and attempted aggravated robbery.

Thomas is being held in juvenile detention pending a hearing.Gunman Shot to Death During Home Invasion

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Great Self-defense news report.........too bad they took his guns!

Macomb, Illinois

From the Macomb Journal of December 5, 2004
Resident captures intruder

Leonard Gamage is sore today, which is understandable since he spent more than 45 minutes fighting off an intruder late Friday.

Gamage, 87, suffered some bumps and bruises in a pair of fights with the intruder, who is an unidentified 20-year man. Leonard told the Journal he does feel good about still having the ability to defend his home.

"I'm an old soldier," Gamage said. "I was in quite a few scuffles in the Army. I feel like I can still go if I have to."

Gamage said the ordeal started just after 9 p.m. He was watching television at his home, located at 1200th Road, near Macomb, when someone came to his front door. Gamage said he went to the back door since both doors face the patio.

Gamage did not recognize the young man. When he went to open the door, he said the man grabbed the screen door and forced himself inside the house.

"I asked him what he wanted and told him to get out," Gamage said.

The intruder allegedly refused to leave. That is when Gamage and the young man got into their first altercation.

"We started to scuffle right there in the kitchen," Gamage recalled. "I was able to get him outside the house and told him again to get out."

Gamage said he remembered having a pair of rifles in a gun rack inside the house. As he started in that direction, he and the man began to fight again at the back door, in the kitchen/patio area.

"I was finally able to get my hands on one of the guns and hit him in the back with the gun stock," Gamage said. "That's when he looked at me and said 'I'm going to get you."

Gamage said he was thinking that he would hate to kill the young man, but would if he were left with no choice. Gamage then fired a pair of warning shots, one at each foot, but that did not deter the intruder, according to Gamage, who was feeling weak by this point. Gamage was at the hospital a day earlier being treated for a nose bleed.

"I lost a lot of blood the day before and I was weak," Gamage added. "When he said he was still going to get me, I realized this was serious. I shot him in the left foot. It hit him in the arch and he screamed and started jumping around like a chicken with his head cut off."

Gamage said he pointed the rifle at the suspect's stomach and ordered him to freeze while Gamage made a telephone call. Instead of calling 911, Gamage called a neighbor, Tom Friday, and told him he had been attacked.

When he went back the intruder was gone. Gamage said he did not feel comfortable knowing the suspect was out there, so he went into the dark, looking for the young man.

Gamage said he spotted the suspect near the garage, next to the barn. Gamage crept up behind the man and ordered him not to move or he would kill him.

"About that time Tom pulled up," Gamage said. "I think he was shocked because I was holding the intruder at gunpoint."

Seconds later Gamage said multiple police cars, an ambulance and fire rescue units all converged on his home.
The ordeal was finally over. It was about 10:45 p.m.

Ironically, Gamage lost the very rifle that may have saved his life.

"I do not have a gun permit so they had to take my rifles," Gamage said. "The sheriff told me if I get my permit, he would see what he could do to help me get them back.

I never use them, but they have been in the family a long time."

Gamage said the sheriff and other officers told him he "did a hell of a job," defending his property.

"If nothing else I hope this prevents other intruders from breaking into someone's home," Gamage said.

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More Robbery and Police Shootouts...........

This last one is exceptionally good!

Robbery Footage.............

030 The New Ruger SR-556

ProArms Podcast #30 talking about the Ruger SR-556. Sounds interesting, Dual piston with and adjustable gas system! A little pricey... the Ruger website says the msrp is just under two grand!


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Cell Phone and Gun

Looks like a stage to me!

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A Gun For My Wife..........

Another article from, for those considering a firearm for their better half, or whomever! Just Click on the title to read the article!


Accuracy- Speed's Important partner...

Another from , I love that website!

Bill Jordan- "Speed's fine. Accuracy's final."

So what have we learned so far? Move, shoot fast BUT accurate............


Getting off the X

Here is a fantastic article from a very informative web site Click on the title to view the article. I have also added a RSS feed on the side bar of this blog that will let you see some of the latest feed from



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Black Creeks June Match..............

Thanks to Black Creek for letting us come out and play on a beautiful day! Here are the videos I shot!


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Black Creek

I'm excited about Black Creek this weekend! As far as I know I will get to shoot it! You going Stuart?

The newest proarms podcast, a couple of good interviews. One with a rep from federal/CCI ammunition companies talking about the ammo situation ,always interesting!

Also the Browning Hi-Power! Very interesting history!