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News Reports/ Basis for July Cavalier IDPA match

Tuscon, Arizona

From KOLD of February 29, 2008
Tucson Homeowner Kills Intruder

A deadly shootout between burglars and a homeowner took place Thursday night just after nine on Tucson's east side, near I-10 and Wilmot Road.

Police say three men busted into a home in a quiet new neighborhood. They then shot the homeowner in the arm; the homeowner returned fire and hit one of the burglars, who later died at a hospital. According to Tucson police, when they arrived the 29 year-old home owner and his two year old daughter had taken refuge in a bathroom. The home owner suffered minor injuries, and the little girl was not hurt.

Police are looking for two suspects, but have not released a description. Investigators said they do not know what the relationship is between the home owner and the suspects.

Wine Country, California

From Temecula’s The Californian of July 30, 2007
Pit bull killed by Wine Country resident

The task should have been prosaic for Frank Canson: Walk down the sloping driveway, open the 42-inch-high gate and grab the Sunday newspaper.

Instead, a ferocious pit bull that neighbors say has wrought havoc in this community of estate homes lurked at the gate, Canson said.

He soon shot it dead.

As Canson approached the gate Sunday morning, the 40- to 45-pound pit bull jumped up against it, snarling at him, the former San Diego police officer said, but the animal didn't get over the gate onto his side.

Canson, 59, said he slowly backed up the driveway before reaching his house, where he got his 9mm semiautomatic handgun. He returned to the gate, this time with the gun, but the pit bull ---- and two accompanying dogs ---- had vanished.

Or so Canson thought.

He opened the gate, only to find the newspaper shredded, its pieces strewn across Meng Asbury Road, he said. He knelt on the dirt road, placed the gun down and began picking up the pieces ---- when the pit bull and its companions returned.

Canson said the pit bull was within 20 feet of him when he began firing his weapon. The second or third bullet, Canson believes, struck the dog, who was maimed and struggling.

"It yelped, and I could see it limping," he said.

The pit bull limped to his neighbor's property, where Canson shot it dead.

"It was down, and obviously suffering. It was the appropriate thing to do," said Canson, who, along with his wife, has four dogs.

Remarkably, the owner of that adjacent property ---- Ralph Fonseca, 48 ---- said he slept through the presumably earsplitting incident, in which Canson said he fired 15 rounds.

Sheriff's deputies responded and decided not to cite Canson, said Investigator Jerry Franchville.

"You can't just (shoot a dog) for sport," Franchville said. "But if you feel like you're in danger, you have to defend yourself."

The dog's owner couldn't be reached for comment Monday.

Residents said Canson's encounter was the latest in a string of incidents involving the dogs along Meng Asbury and Monte de Oro.

Sunday wasn't the first time county officials had visited the neighborhood.

Fonseca's 19-year-old daughter, Vanessa, had tried to calm the pit bull when it approached her and her friend recently, but it only got more vicious, she said.

Canson's wife, Kelli, had complained to county Animal Control in the weeks before Sunday's incident, alleging the pit bull and friends had threatened her.

"It's been weeks that we've been menaced," she said. "We felt imprisoned on our property."

A neighbor warned Animal Control he and others would arm themselves if the dog returned, Kelli Canson said.

The department fielded three phone calls before Sunday, said Rita Gutierrez, Animal Control's field services commander.

An investigator for the department believes the owners of the dogs were abiding by her instruction to secure them on the property, Gutierrez said. The investigator asked that the dogs be tied up, she added.

Yet, observers Monday afternoon saw the two remaining dogs roaming the streets, lurking near the Cansons' and Fonsecas' properties.

"They gotta do something, get them tied up," Ralph Fonseca said.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Torture Todd................

I believe!

Gun's really common sense

Please don't let anyone shoot something you know will hurt them (scoped rifle, large caliber). Please wear eye and ear protection! Do not come to the shooting range wearing a bikini.... brass it hot and stuff tends to come back and hit you! Don't point a firearm at anything you don't want to kill!

Good Lord!


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A Larry Production......

What gun are you shooting Larry? Ok somebody get me some good IDPA videos..... I won't be taking any for awhile.......


Jimbo!!! In Q8

Looking good Jim!!!!! Glad you found a safe place to shoot!


Proarms Podcast.... very interesting interview

The Proarms crew interviews Keith Jones, a veteran Police officer as well as a military combat veteran ( survivor of 5 armed confrontations with not very nice people). Mr. Jones has interesting views on Police and Civilian use of handguns. Very informative, down to Earth and it makes a lot of sense!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Criminals for Gun Control

Penn and Teller B%LLSH#T

Don't kill a dream...Save a life!

Guns turned in, no questions asked? The AK 47 that was turned in may have been the weapon that killed Alice-Thomas Norris's daughter. Would you want to know who did it? Too bad they destroyed any evidence and no questions were asked!

Ronnie Preyer (see video one post down) a convicted Sex Offender is shot and killed by a woman he had raped 5 days earlier.... maybe she should have saved his life?

If you are not smart enough to protect your guns maybe you should turn them in!


Burglars continue stealing guns in Albany

Burglars continue stealing guns in Albany

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Woman shoots rapist.......

Course of fire.............

I'm pretty sure I can turn this into a course of fire for IDPA!


Oh my god you shot him?!?!?!?

Great line from the person answering the 911 call..............

We need more poeple like this young lady!


Armed robbery and a jam clearing............

The clerk did a good job but it you watch his hands closely in the video you will see that he had a revolver grip on a semi-automatic pistol (thumbs wrapped around the back of the slide keeping it from moving fully to the rear). This caused his gun to jam and you can see him racking the slide to get back in action.