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Friday, September 4, 2009

Guns......and Ammo..........

While waiting in Richmond International Airport for my wife to fly in from the land o' commies ( and praying I wasn't going to be sick) I decided to buy the latest inssue of Guns and ammo. I found it ( the only gun rag they had, but I understand) just below the Hustler, Playboy, and Penthouse magazines! I have nothing against naked women but come on!!!!!



Oberstlt said...

Young Sweeney, yet one more time you fail to adjust to the modern era. I am afraid that when they come for you in IL, you will not make it thru re-education. G&A is little more than the porn they shelved it with. Now that Jeff Cooper is gone, it is not worth picking up anymore.

Glock26idpa said...

It was the best I could do!!! What magazines do you suggest?


Oberstlt said...

I only subscribe to American Handgunner. But DUSM always buys Guns because Clint writes for them. I used to like Combat Handguns but they seem to have drifted into foolishness sometimes. Believe it or not, I sort of like SWAT.