Sunday, September 13, 2009

Round point Vs hollow point bullets


Oberstlt said...

Additional misinformation! FMJs were designed to meet the requirements of the invention of high velocity rifles, as well as self-loading firearms and later the interpretation of the "unnecessary suffering" clause of the Hague Convention! Prior to that, LRN was pretty much the standard.

JHPs were not in fact designed to fragment but to expand so that all of the available energy is expended in the target and not beyond it. Until recently (and with the rise of the modern high performance JHP) expanding bullets were not reliable.

A review of the available literature will inform these pseudo-scientists (these Gorbal Warmers) that JHPs do no more damage than FMJs!

It is no wonder the communists have such luck! They are supported by people in white coats who claim to be experts. Reliable sources will tell you that the general expansion of JHPs is about 1.5X the original diameter.

Glock26idpa said...

I knew that would get you going!!!