Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shepherd Report - Springfield Armory


Oberstlt said...

Time marches onward and upward. We have known the XD for a number of years and have seen them recently replaced by the M&Ps to a certain extent. I am stuck with my Glocks as that is what I have but these new XDMs appear to be more than satisfactory. I think Punisher shoots one to some effect locally.

Years ago I steered a friend with an injured shooting hand to one because the metal magazine in the XD series makes for a somewhat slimmer package than the Glock. The M&P is pretty svelte too but I believe the XDM is even slimmer.

We know what works and I think the Glocks have fewer parts. But they are a slightly larger gun. I have been told that Gaston's next trick is a redesign to put new mix/match backstraps on his guns.

I just keep wanting a slim line 45! What do I know?

Glock26idpa said...

Have you held the m&p 45 compact. Feels good , 4" barrel.