Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Sig Photos...........

Alright.... what caused this?


Boris said...

Weak extractor spring? ...or limp-wristing.

Pigdawg said...

Kash for klunkers?

Oberstlt said...

This looks like a fairly classic double feed caused by a failure to extract. Check the extractor, the extractor spring and the recoil spring. I am taking it that this was not poor quality ammunition or a junk magazine. Finally, what does the chamber wall look like?

While I am not generally a SIG fan, I cannot believe the trouble you have had with this beastie! Very uncharacteristic.

Tracy D said...

you really need to learn how to hold a gun. It's your grip, I'm telling you. :)

Jim said...


Your mag is the culprit. The feed lips have expanded too wide. This allows the mag to push the bullet stack up. The chambered casing hits the too high bullet stack, causing the casing to stop its rearward movement. The slide has more momentum so the extractor pulls off the casing. The cure is to take a pair of pliers and close up the feed lips of your mag. It has nothing to do with the extractor. It is actually pretty simple to fix.

A jam of this type is very hard to clear as you well know. I fought the same issues with the CCF RaceFrame until I canned the offending mags.

Best regards,


Jim said...


One other thing. Consider to cut a coil or so off the mag spring.

Best regards,