Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sig P238 review..... long video

Not sure I like this guy, but he does a nice video! Decide for yourself!



Glock26idpa said...

My only problem with this firearm is the safety and not just because i'm left handed! The Ruger LCP, Kel-tec 380 and the Walther PPS all have the right idea... it goes in my pocket in a holster. When it's time to shoot it, I pull it out and pull the trigger!

Oberstlt said...

Pretty slick vid! Couple of points about the gun that I thought NF forgot. First, it is a locked breach and not a blowback design. That may make the slide spring a bit more user friendly. Lots of blowbacks are too heavily sprung for female use. Then, did every one notice the little bitty spring under the "slide release"? That was a trouble with the vaunted Colts Mustang.

Which brings me to another point: That ain't a slide release! It is the slide lock, damn it. And, come on Troop, what is a "battery of arms"?

Mouse guns are better than nothing but I swear that if comfort was a prime requirement, I would have to look hard at a 22 LR NAA mini revolver. It will kill. It is tiny. It is light weight. It is reliable (I actually know a VSP Master Trooper who carries one). And, you may actually practice with it as the ammo is available and affordable.

Andy, do you think SIG will swap you one of these for your non-functioning P250? Just a thought.

Glock26idpa said...

Doubt it... but it is pretty useless to a lefty , they put the safety on the wrong side!